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In today’s post, we are going to give you some guidance regarding the modern industrial design look for interior commercial spaces.

The industrial design has been around for a little while now but is still in so much trend. Its design line is about exposing as many elements as possible and combine them with sleek modern finishes and accessories. Don’t forget about bringing back some vintage elements into it too.ap_6362_web

First… the core!

When we come into a space we should look at the core. With the core, I mean ceiling, walls, beams, and floors. We would be looking at them at as hole and we would recognise the use of raw elements as concrete, exposed or partially exposed bricks, exposed beams and the use of previous or reclaimed wood floorings. Showing as much as possible raw construction materials is a must on this designs.

The second thing to look at… Lighting

The lighting in this designs is fundamental. It would be a combination of industrial vintage lights as feature lighting with some other light fittings that are more minimal and subtle. We need to select the industrial features carefully and use them only in places we want to make an accent. If we use too many of them we will be at the risk of saturating the design. Track lights will compliment nicely the industrial pendants used as ambient lighting. In a restaurant, we could use a big industrial feature light over a big central table to make a statement or medium size ones over the bar and booth seating. In offices, we could make a statement using this kind of lighting in the boardroom over the meeting table and in areas like reception and breakout spaces.

The third most important… Materials!

The materials used in this kind of design are as mentioned before are mainly in their raw state in most the cases. Exceptionally, we could see some of the metal elements powder coated in an RAL colour to tie up with the branding of the company. The industrial style tile by excellence is the metro tile but at this point, designers use similar tiles with different finishes and colours. Concrete tiles in geometric shapes look really good on this designs. The mix of geometric or distressed with polished concrete flooring it’s a perfect combination and gives the space a very cool industrial finish. The use of real wood is also an element to consider in this designs.

Fourth element to consider… Furniture!

Furniture wise there is a bit more of flexibility. Although, we will see in many of the furniture elements raw metal or wood and fabrics like distressed leathers. A good example of the industrial look in furniture is the Tolix-Style metal stool by Xavier Pauchard. This stool is extensively used in this design as they also are the rest of his designs. You may see this chairs combined with school type chairs depending on the design. You could also use school lockers as storage.tolix_styule_metal_stool

 And last but not least… the modern touch!

We will achieve the modern feeling of the space by picking the right accessories. We will advise choosing abstract paintings, quote prints, wood and pipe shelving’s, greenery elements like plants… In some cases, we found interesting the use of barn style slide in doors. Lighting wise, although you are using the most of the lights with the vintage industrial look you can give the modern twist by introducing some smoked glass light fittings. You could introduce some colour to the design using the Anglepoise® Original 1227™ giant floor lamp.

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