What a fantastic start of the year we are having here at PEN. We are looking forward to seeing all the amazing designs we are doing for this New Year and also for the ones to come.


Every year in the first week of January, we as a team like to review what we have done in the past 12 months. We like to see what we did well and what things we should improve in the next few months. It’s a good exercise for us because it allows us to grow in a much better direction and helps us when setting our new goals and resolutions.


Here we go! Our PEN 2017 resolutions are….


  • The quote ‘1 year, 365 opportunities’ must be our everyday motto.


  • Start our days earlier. If we start early we have more time to develop ourselves mentally and physically… time for progress!



  • To create as many opportunities as we are given.


  • And the last one but not the least one… To share our contagious feeling of happiness to all people around us!


It seems we are going to be busy this year and we are so excited for it!


Remember, 1 year means 365 opportunities so… Go for it!


Team PEN.