It’s all about Scandi!

It’s all about Scandi!


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As all of you know, Scandinavian design is booming. We hope it stays like this as we absolutely love it. Nordic design is always been there but not as strong as now where we can see the trend almost everywhere. We love the fact that is simple, quite natural and very relaxing. It’s a style that is been massively used in residential design but this year has been translated also into commercial and hospitality designs.

What is Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian Design is a simple and contained approach to interior design that creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation within the space. The design is minimal and it is characterised by its functionality.





How can we recognise it?

Scandinavian Designs can be recognised by the general use of white and earthy colours. White can be used either in walls or floors as so the earthy colours. As a complementary colour to this scheme we can see the blue colour in almost all its hues.

There are some more elements that combined with the colour pallet add value to the Scandi looking design. Materials like wood, leather and Sheep skin are also key in the design. Wood is used in furniture, walls or floors. Leather is used in feature furniture pieces like sofas and armchairs and sheep skin as rugs or decorative blankets. Even though, the space is accessorised, those accessories are curated and are functional.



Lighting wise, we are seeing more metal finishes like bronze and copper; paper lights, felt lights… We like the light fitting made out of brass called Collect light fitting from Ferm Living. It’s a brass fitting that you can combine with different shaped and coloured shades in a very creative way.

In terms of furniture, the wood would be the main finish and also the leather. A good example of Nordic furniture is the Nerd – Oak Chair that David Geckeler designed for Muuto.

The muted colour pallete from this scheme is smartly broken through with accessories, quirky art and colourful pillows which brings colour, texture and a lively feeling to the interior.


Where can we see the Scandinavian trend?

In the office space we have recently experienced a trend towards Scandinavian designs. The importance of this trend is that people like to feel more at home in their working environments. They want the space to be welcoming and warmer as they spend the most part of their working life within this space. They are working but at the same time they want this space to evoke calm and to help in reducing stress levels. People like to have private snugs, rugs, cushions in the areas where they can relax and have a proper break from work. People feel calm and relaxed in this spaces and certainly at home. An example of this would be the entrance lobby of Pixelmatters offices in Porto. The entrance lobby has light wood floors surrounded by white walls and windows. Wood chairs and wood coffee table in a darker tone. The white and earthy colours of the wood are complemented by muted blue and grey. The hints of colour are brought by the accessories. Colourful cushions have brighten the mood of the entrance up and made the scheme more interesting.





In hospitality, we can see this trend in restaurants like Flora Danica in Paris. This restaurant uses light grey, dark grey, white and wood as the main colour pallete. It introduces hints of colour in the form of green in the bar area. The emerald green marble counter top is stunning and creates an outstanding feature. Other elements of the design that embellish the space is the natural elements as the plants and trees. The restaurant is limited in accessories showing functionality and creating an elegant environment.

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