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PEN Studio has researched deeper into the new trend that Pantone has set for this 2017. We would like to help you understand and apply the new colour of the year trend into interior design and architecture. For all new designers, Pantone is a world-renowned company that for more than half of a century has been helping designers all over the world to find inspiration and communicate through the use of colour. It’s considered an authority in the colour communication field and this year has set that… Greenery is the new colour of the year 2017!! Yeyyy we love Green !!!

Why Pantone’s selected Greenery as the colour of the year 2017?

In our own words, Pantone defines colour greenery as a bright new beginning, which is both refreshing and revitalising.


the colour of the year 2017 and where you should use it (blog) 25/01/2017

“Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate” Pantone

Why in our opinion Greenery is the colour of the year 2017?Pantone Colour of the year 2017

Greenery reflects the organic trend that the word is experiencing towards healthier ways of living, healthy eating, design, environment and climate change. We as individuals are more conscious about what’s around us and the importance of preserving it. This colour will bring the outside inside and remind us how important is for us and for the generations to come to preserve what we have and to

Greenery is a colour that is vibrant and we see it as a great way of expressing any design as is a colour that represents the look of improvement and a better self.why_greenery_is_important_in_your_office_pen-co-uk

Greenery colour applied to architecture and design

As architects and designers, we recommend you use Greenery introducing green walls in your design. Great areas to use green walls are reception, waiting areas and break out spaces within the office space. Most part of the clients of the company you are designing for will walk through those areas and it will showcase the vibrancy of the company’s values and culture. If what you are designing is a restaurant, you can use a green wall as a feature wall to reflect the freshness of the food. You could also apply this colour to any design selecting this it for your furniture to highlight a specific area. You could pick this colour to paint the metal frame of your stools or the wood legs of a lounge chair.the colour to use in your design

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