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7 Great interior design books


World Book Day 2017 As a group of architects and interior designers there’s one thing we all love, which is to read, we have a large collection of design books in the office. As we step into spring the season when most people decide to re-do their homes,  and as it's World Book Days 20th anniversary we thought we might as well share our favourite design books. If you are looking to redesign your home or just do some quick DIY these books will definitely give you some inspiration:   A Frame For Life  The renowned designer and style guru Ilse Crawford showcases her body of influential, holistic work for the first time, articulating her groundbreaking philosophies for design and living. Studioilse, the award-winning design studio founded by Ilse Crawford, bridges the worlds of interior design, architecture, and product design with the philosophy of putting the human being at the centre. Fascinated by what drives...

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Hey Guys, PEN Studio has researched deeper into the new trend that Pantone has set for this 2017. We would like to help you understand and apply the new colour of the year trend into interior design and architecture. For all new designers, Pantone is a world-renowned company that for more than half of a century has been helping designers all over the world to find inspiration and communicate through the use of colour. It’s considered an authority in the colour communication field and this year has set that… Greenery is the new colour of the year 2017!! Yeyyy we love Green !!! Why Pantone’s selected Greenery as the colour of the year 2017? In our own words, Pantone defines colour greenery as a bright new beginning, which is both refreshing and revitalising.   “Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and...

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