In honour of International Women’s Day, and the fact that there are some pretty spectacular pieces of architecture delivered by women who have been at the forefront of design innovation, we have compiled a list of women who inspire our team.

Of course, this list could go on and on as there certainly isn’t a shortage of women to choose from. In no particular order here’s our top 7 women who have delivered classics, continue to showcase unprecedented design flair, and who are at the forefront of bringing new ideas and talent to the world of design. We want to celebrate these women for their talent and contributions to design.

Ray Eames

You don’t have to go very far in the design world before you come across an original or Eames inspired piece of furniture. The Eames’ passion for making and showcasing of their projects through film, made a mark on iconic mid-century design and …

Lina Bo Bardi

Brutalist architecture tends to be an acquired taste. But with projects which still remain sensitive to its surroundings and users, Bo Bardi stands as a true champion of modernism.

Kazuyo Sejima

Jeanne Gang

As the most recent winner of the Woman Architect of the Year Award, Jeanne Gang makes it onto our list for her practice’s innovative use of material fabrication and development of urban spaces.

Helle sØholt

As an activist for cities that work for people, Helle Sholt’s work in Gehl Architects constantly challenges our understanding of the human scale within public spaces.

Olga Felip

Lucía Cano

We’re drawn to SelgasCano’s attention to developing a connection with nature and the use of colour across a range of their projects.

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